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NY State Tax Forms

The following are provided for informational purposes only.
Please contact the NYS Department of Tax and Finance for current rules.


The New York State tax forms shown are related to home heating oil and are being provided as a service to our customers. 


Heating Oil Terminology:  

The NYS Department of Tax and Finance considers heating oil "unenhanced diesel fuel" so wherever you see this term, remember they are referring to #2 home heating oil. 



The Manufacturing Certification for Petroleum Business Tax and Sales Tax exemption. If you are a manufacturer, you need to fill out this form to become exempt from these taxes. This form covers all types of heating oil. 


This should be filled out by religious institutions or organizations granted exemption from sales tax under sections 1116(a)(4) or 1116(a)(5) of the Tax Law. This would include charitable, scientific, public safety, literary, educational, national or amateur sports, prevention of cruelty to animal associations, or veteran associations. It allows for the exemption of petroleum business tax and sales tax. 


This should be filled out for any property that is heated for mix use residential/commercial purposes. If a percentage of the property is residential/commercial, indicate the percentage. Sign the form and mail it to us. It provides for exemption from petroleum business tax and sales tax, only if the property meets the criteria set forth by the New York State Taxation Department.

Having a Problem Opening or Printing the PDF Forms?

The documents provided above open using the Adobe Acrobat Reader version 9 or higher from your PC or MAC Computer.  If you do not have a copy of the Adobe Reader please click on the Adobe Icon below to obtain your free copy.  


Note: Some of the newer pdf forms will permit you to type the information directly into the form using your computer keyboard.  Once you have completed the form you can print it by clicking on the Printer Icon located in the top menu to send it to your home or office printer.


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