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Project Warmth

Basic Eligibility Requirements (include, but are not limited to):
  • Applicant must have residency in Nassau County, Suffolk County or the Rockaway area in Queens

  • Applicant must show a heating and/or fuel-related electric bill in his or her name and address that is in termination, pending disconnect or severely overdue (for any fuel source) or be financially unable to secure heating oil/propane/kerosene etc. when the tank is empty or near empty

  • Applicant must demonstrate financial hardship and provide an acceptable explanation for arrears

  • Applicant may only receive fuel and/or fuel-related electric assistance once per program year

  • Applicants eligible for Emergency HEAP must apply to HEAP prior to applying to Project Warmth. Upon receiving a termination notice, the applicant must immediately apply for Emergency HEAP


An Emergency HEAP approval provides gas/electric customers with a 30-day hold on terminations, allowing for time to apply for Project Warmth and make deferred payment arrangements with the vendor. 

  • Project Warmth is open for grants from December1 until funds are depleted. 


Ineligible conditions include:
  • Bill not in applicants name or applicant not in residence at billing address

  • Declining to apply for HEAP assistance when qualified

  • Nonactive account

  • Non fuel-related electricity accounts (heat included in rent)

  • Current bill with no past due amount, or if a HEAP grant satisfies the past due amount

  • SSI recipients who may receive an SSI guarantee at the Dept. of Social Service to eliminate the emergency situation

  • Topped oil tank during a prior Project Warmth grant period


Applications are not sent out or received by mail. PLEASE NOTE, a referral is not a guarantee of acceptance. The Project Warmth agency staff will determine eligibility based on the documentation provided by the applicant and more detailed application requirements than are listed above.


Call United Way of Long Island at 631.940.3757
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